Finding Ways To Keep Up With Resources

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Resources

Everything About The 2018 Masters

Golf is one of the most intense competitions that everyone look forward to. The element of excitement is what makes the competition fun to watch.

The first part of this competition is for the golfers to prepare for the game. In this part, the golfers are given guidelines to make sure they are in the right competition. The next part focuses on game preparations such as the game rules, training and putting up of gears. Part three requires a lot of focus as it is where the golfers are feeling the pressure of the competition while acting gracefully under it.

The game of golf involves a ball and different clubs where the players choose among the clubs could and which among them could give them the best shot and could score the ball in a hole. Unlike most games, golf does not need a standardized court. Golf courses vary in design and space and this is what makes the game unique. The only requirement is for the courses to have 9 to 18 holes. However, like any other game, there are certain rules and golfing regulations that players are to follow.

In every game, the number of strokes each golfer makes is very important. Although, each golfer has his own strokes in playing. Golf uses the match play scoring system where the player gets a point in every hole where they beat their opponents.

This game was originated in Scotland sometime in the 12th century as shepherds kick the stones to small rabbit holes and those who scores first wins the game. This goal is still used in golfing these days and the only difference is that golfers use clubs instead of just kicking the ball.

Over the years, golfing has evolved from being just a simple pastime to a more serious competition. Below are some of the types of golf competitions:

Stroke or Medal Play

This type of golfing is the most common one as it is used in most tournaments. This type of competition requires the golfers to complete all 18 holes and the one with the least number of strokes wins.

Match plays

In a match play, there are two teams that completes the holes and the team that scores the most wins. Match plays are mostly used in golf clubs with many club members and since this type of competition is played by teams, the rules and regulations must be strictly followed by each golfers.

Scramble Competition

In scramble, the best shot made by a golfer is decided after he hits the balls in the hole. Then the other players copy the same strokes until the game ends. Most golfers play this game for its simple mechanics.

The skin

In this type of golf competition, a ‘skin’ which is a bag of money is placed in each hole and the players that hit the hole gets the skin and each of them compete to score first than the rest. The bag of money is called the ‘skin’ because the bag is literally made of skin.

The flag

This competition also known as the ‘last man standing’ is also very popular because of its exciting mechanics; the players in this game are first required to provide a number of strokes which they are only allowed to use within the game and during the actual game, they are only allowed to use the number of strokes they provided.

These are just some of the many types of golf competitions set for the 2018 Masters Review so don’t miss out your chance to see famous golfers including Iain Sharpe take over the golf course.